trinket boxes

Trinket Boxes

Trinket boxes are something that you are looking for? - You have reached the right place & Spiral has all that you may ask for! The trinket boxes you get at Spiral are indeed wide & varied, made of a variety of objects. Interested to collect any of these trinket boxes? Just visit us at

From us at Spiral you may purchase various Celtic gifts like Celtic pendants, jewellery & pens - on-line or off-line, at the most reasonable price. The most popular among the gift items are the trinket boxes. Here is a synopsis of the most popular trinket boxes that we have in our collection, exclusively for you:

Deer Knot Box with Lid (Reference #OB006)
These pewter trinket boxes are engraved on the sides with Celtic knot work, and the lid is deeply carved with the Celtic "zoomorphic" design of a deer. These items are ideal as trinket boxes for gifting. They come complete with a black velvet pouch.

Spiral Logo Box with Lid (Reference #OB007)
Our original design based on ancient Celtic carvings. The triskalis at the center is regarded as a good luck symbol. These trinket boxes are great as gifting objects.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us at Spiral NOW & collect the trinket boxes of your choice, which you may also gift to someone you care for.

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