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Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman is what you are interested to know about? Well, you have reached the right place! Rick Wakeman is perhaps the most enigmatic character in the history of the Celtic music. Music related to Rick Wakeman comprises a major chunk of the Celtic culture. Interested to know more about music on Rick Wakeman? Just log on to spiral.org.uk

At Spiral you get all that you want related to Rick Wakeman! You get CD's, books etc on the enigmatic Rick Wakeman at most reasonable price. Here is a synopsis of what all we have in store for you:

Softsword by Rick Wakeman (Reference #cd)
A Rare and Lavish production, this is a limited edition L.P. record of rock music with a medieval flavor. Full colour opening double sleeve with parchment insert. Last few copies available only from us. A must for all Rick Wakeman fans!

Portal One (Reference #147)
By Andrew Done and James Binning. Pure meditational music inspired by Rick Wakeman. Its effect is immediate.

Magical Encounters (Reference #157)
Our first and still best selling CD. New Age Celtic music inspired by ancient standing stones, misty woodland and the Lady of The Lake. A Pathworking text is included. Artwork by Courtney Davis.

Atlantis (Reference #159)
By Philip Le Breton. An outstanding musical work incorporating the natural sounds of the hump backed whale. The cassette also includes the composition "GREEN" based on colour therapy. A must for Rick Wakeman fans!

So what are you waiting for? Simply unleash the connoisseur in you. Collect the exotic items on Rick Wakeman at the most affordable prices!

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