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Green Man

'Green Man' is what you are interested to know about? Well, you have reached the right place! Green Man is one of the most enigmatic characters of the Celtic civilization. Stories on Green Man comprise a major chunk of the Celtic culture. Interested to know more about Green man? Log on to

As per the Celtic culture, Green Man was hailed as the symbol of natural cycle of mortal life - birth, life, death, and decay. To Christians it is this cycle that the soul can overcome, with Faith. To some others the cycle continues - from decay back to the soil, to food from the soil, back into life - a symbol so well represented by Green Man.Present-day Western pagan thought identifies the Green Man as the symbol of the qualities of godhood, with its relationship with the transcendent life-force. Green Man has also been compared to the Robin Hood - the robber and hero dressed in green - he attains godlike status and links with the Horned God Herne.

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The Green Man (Reference #SMCD3020)
by Philip Le Breton Extensively publicised, this recording is a major work. The original painting by Aron Gadd commissioned for the front cover of the cassette is renowned. "See" the Green Man dance and "hear" him speak. Complete with pathworking text. Reviewed in Prediction magazine.

Oak Leaf Green Man Brooch (Reference #BR026)
The image of the Green Man can be seen on numerous buildings, churches and cathedrals throughout Europe, and has been a popular Pagan symbol of new growth and life since the dark ages. It is stamped on the back with British "touchmarks" and is fitted with a safety roller clasp. Supplied with presentation case and descriptive card.

Oak Leaf Green Man Pendant (Reference #PEN477)
The image of the Green Man can be seen on various buildings, and churches throughout Europe, and has been a popular Celtic symbol of new growth and human existence since the dark ages. Complete with good quality stainless steel chain, presentation case and descriptive card.

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