medieval dagger

Medieval Dagger

Medieval dagger is something you are looking for? - You have reached the right place & Spiral has all that you may ask for! The collections of the medieval dagger you get at Spiral are indeed wide & varied, of various types & shapes. Interested to collect a prized medieval dagger? Just visit us at

From us at Spiral you can purchase various exotic gifts like medieval dagger, arms & armour etc - on-line or off-line, at the most reasonable price. Here is a synopsis of our prized collection, from which you can select the medieval dagger of your choice:

Medieval Dagger (Reference #DAG03)
Quality reproduction of a medieval dagger, with polished blade and engraved detail on sheath.

Celtic Dagger (Reference #DAG02)
A fine medieval dagger with engraved detail. The stainless steel blade has an acid etched Celtic design. This is the sort of dagger worn by a wealthy Celtic chieftain - a real collectors piece.

Robin Hood Dagger (Reference #DAG12)
This attractive small dagger/letter opener has engraved detail eagle head sheath and a polished blade. It's a wonderful reproduction of famous medieval dagger.

Agincourt Dagger (Reference #DAG07)
Agincourt dagger - with polished bronze cross guard and pommel, and wire bound hilt. Live steel blade makes this a realistic representation of the medieval dagger.

Roman Dagger With Sheath (Reference #DAG04)
This reproduction of the medieval dagger is of superb quality, with polished hardwood hilt embellished with bronze, stainless steel blade, and complete with leather sheath.

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