arms and armour

Arms and Armour

Arms and armour are an integral part of the Celtic culture. There are clearly many indications in the Pagan mythology that shows the arms and armour played a very important role in the Celtic society. The Celts used a variety of arms and armour, since they were divided into many tribes all across Europe. Wars being a pre-dominant feature of the Celtic society, quite naturally they had a wide array of arms and armour. Interested to collect those prized items? Just visit us at

From the depths of the sea to the infinite expanse of the space, ancient symbols can be seen in every aspect of the Pagan culture. The Celts were even known to have worshipped their arms & armour, the evidence of which is amply seen in the Celtic history. We see the symbolisms in the physical forces, which shaped the Earth - the tides of the ocean, the winds in the atmosphere, and even as the root of mortal existence!

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