celtic bracelets

Celtic Bracelets

If you are interested about Celtic bracelets, here are some updates for you. Celtic bracelets are an integral part of the Celtic culture. There are clearly many indications in the Pagan mythology which shows that the Celtic bracelets played an important role in their society - quite often even determining the social standing of the Celts. The Celtic bracelets were of various types & shapes, made of various types of metals. Interested to collect these prized items? Just visit us at spiral.org.uk

From us at Spiral you may purchase various types of Celtic bracelets, on-line or off-line, at the most reasonable price. Here is a synopsis of the Celtic bracelets we have in our collection for you:

Wide Celtic Bracelet (Reference #BRA522)
This chunky pewter Celtic bracelets are decorated with the Celtic "Endless knot" design symbolizing everlasting life and love. Size 8cm x 6cm

Hinged Dragon Celtic bracelets (Reference #BRA518)
This cleverly designed hinged Celtic bracelets have Celtic dragon terminals and expands to fit any wrist. Size 7cm x 5cm

Designer Celtic Bracelets (Reference #BRA521)
Both the front and back of these unique Celtic bracelets has been stunningly designed. Crafted in pewter and stamped with a "touchmark", with this bracelet the historical age truly meets the modern age. Size 8cm x 6cm

Thus, for any type, size & kind of Celtic bracelets you want to collect, just visit us at Spiral & pamper the connoisseur in you!

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