celtic CDs

Celtic CDs

Are you interested to know more about the Celtic culture & its society? Well, you have reached right place for that! Here, at Spiral we provide you with all the information you wanted to know about the Celtic society & its culture through various forms - Celtic CDs, books & tapes. These, more specifically the Celtic CDs, provide you with an all encompassing picture of the age. Here is a synopsis of the Celtic CDs we have in our collection for you :

Atlantis (Reference #SMCD3019)
These Celtic CDs by PHILIP LE BRETON is an outstanding musical work incorporating the natural sounds of the hump backed whale. These Celtic CDs also includes the composition "GREEN" based on colour therapy. A must for the many fans of this composer!

Portal One (Reference #147)
Pure meditational Celtic CDs inspired by the power from crystals. Its effect is immediate.

Lady of the Lake (Reference #148)
by PHILIP LE BRETON, these Celtic CDs are sequel to Magical Encounters. Rich with Celtic flavor in the music. These Celtic CDs provides the listener with an experience as if he is in a journey across enchanted waters and reaching Avalon, which is fascinating! A pathworking text is included.

The Green Man (Reference #SMCD3020)
by PHILIP LE BRETON Extensively publicised, these Celtic CDs recording is a major work. The original painting by Aron Gadd commissioned for the front cover of the cassette is renowned. "See" the Green Man dance and "hear" him speak in these Celtic CDs, which is sure to give you a thrill, that you had never experienced before.

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