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Gift for Man

'Gift for Man' is something you are looking for? - You have reached the right place & Spiral has all that you may ask for! 'Gift for Man' objects you get at Spiral are indeed wide & varied. The most popular 'Gift for Man' items are the historical swords, Celtic cross-earrings, pendants, pens, and CDs etc. There are clearly many indications in the Pagan mythology that shows these exotic played an important role in their society - quite often even determining the social standing of the Celts. These lovely objects available at Spiral, which are great as a gift for Man you care for, are of various types & shapes, made of various materials. Interested to collect any of these special 'Gift for Man' stuffs? Just visit us at

From us at Spiral you may purchase these 'Gift for Man' stuffs at the most reasonable price. Here is a synopsis of the fantastic 'Gift for Man' items we have in store for your special one:

Celtic Cross Earrings (Reference #EAR336)
Supplied complete with presentation case and descriptive card

Celtic Earth Earrings (Reference #ANIMA7)
Beautiful and distinctive, these earrings clearly reveal the wearer's connection to the Earth! Supplied complete with silver ear wires and presentation case with descriptive card - an all time favorite as a Celtic gift.

Wide Celtic Bracelet (Reference #BRA522)
These chunky pewter Celtic bracelets are decorated with the Celtic "Endless knot" design symbolizing everlasting life and love.

Hinged Dragon Celtic Bracelets (Reference #BRA518)
This cleverly designed hinged Celtic bracelet has Celtic dragon terminals and expands to fit any wrist.

Besides these, you find a wide array of other fabulous 'Gift for Man' items like swords, cones, knifes etc, which are truly unique with their affordable price & collector's value.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us at Spiral NOW & order that unique 'Gift for Man' item for that special Man in your life!

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