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The Green Man
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The Green Man
-Pathworking Text

These images may enhance your enjoyment of the inspirational "The Green Man" music cassette and CD, available from the Spiral shop. Each time you listen, notice new details within the overall mental "pictures". 

Relax. . . . loosen all your muscles starting from your head downwards. . . . release the tension in your face, neck and shoulders. Breath slowly and deeply and ease any tautness in your chest. Forget any cares and troubles. Unshackle the chains of self doubt and worry. . . .Let the tendons in your arms and legs become fully relaxed. . . . Empty your mind from the burden of today's considerations and problems. Prepare yourself to meet The Green Man.

You are sitting against the trunk of a fallen dead tree by the perimeter of an immense forest., amongst scrubland and bushes. A boundary of more huge trees lies ahead, their boughs and branches entwined and twisted, apart from one opening directly in front. Close your eyes and imagine what might be through the aperture. Uncouple your mind from its physical presence and let your spirit alone step through the cleft in the matted foliage. Enter the forest.

Arrive in a magical world of marvel and wonder. Faeries as small as butterflies dance and weave about, their wings glistening from the early morning dew in the sunlight. They lead you down an enchanted path that has not yet been trod by man. Elves peer down from the trees as you gradually travel deeper within. Hear the forest breath and feel its heartbeat as it wraps its arms around you. become aware of insects, birds and woodland creatures which journey along side and share an understanding with them never before encountered.

Reach a small grove surrounded now with woodland so dense there is no way forward. the entwined branches and boughs of the trees directly in front appear to form the shape of a huge man. Shadows and narrow shafts of sunlight play tricks with your vision - can you see a face forms from the leaves? The faeries have by now disappeared; you are alone with the forest. A mystifying wind blows through the grove sending a shiver through you, and the image in front seems to sway from side to side. In a blink the wind stops, and once again the faeries weave around.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, The Green Man steps forward and speaks. The formidable size and majestic grandeur of his approaching figure is awe-inspiring. He talks to you, and only you, for only you are invited. His voice is deep and powerful. He is tired and exasperated with mankind; its pretentiousness and self-destructive tendencies. Rivers and seas are contaminated and the air polluted. The tinge of anguish to his voice is disturbing, and as he speaks a sulphuric tear rolls down from his smarting eyes. You, and only you, can placate and soothe him.

The Green Man talks. He speaks of the dawn of time, the beginning of the world, the evolution of nature and the creation of mankind. As these events are described you are there with him as an observer. Sea land being formed from within the sea, the first seeds grow, the first animals move. The Green Man takes pleasure from his memories, and you too begin to smile. Be present as dinosaurs roam the land; view pterodactyls soar above the rocky terrain. Witness the seasons speed past, the ebb and flow of the ever moving seas and the wonder of the inception of humanity. Images of the relentless birth, death and regeneration within nature flash around you in a seemingly endless cycle.

Pause for a time at the seen of a group of people warming themselves around the first controlled fire, which crackles, spits and smokes. It is winter, yet mankind will not perish from the cold. The Green Man is obviously distracted by this incident, and moves back away from you with purposeful steps. Once again he rocks from side to side and slowly, progressively, begins to dance to a compulsive beat. The rhythm gradually mounts to a crescendo, and the faeries and elves alike watch in amazement at the frolics of this towering, ungainly figure.

By means of his dance, the Green Man tries in vain to control and extinguish the flames of the fire, but he does not succeed. The group of people grow in number as the flames reach higher into the sky. Eventually the Green Man tires; his dance becomes slower and tamer. The rhythmic beat is replaced by a new sound, a chorus sung by the birds, animals, faeries, elves, trees and plants....the song of nature.

It is time to go back through the forest, to return to the tree stump. Before you turnaround, glance one last time at the Green Man.

He is fast asleep.

You, and you alone, will decide when to wake him.

- © Peter Balanck, 1993


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