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Nobody else sells UK visitors for this price. We have purchased the entire 2005 UK inventory of another traffic provider!  And we are in a position to sell it on at a discounted rate.
This is RAW UK traffic.
It is typically 95% UK origin
The visitors are not campaign unique ( meaning if they return within the campaign, they will be counted more than once)
However you are getting an exceptionally low price!  UK traffic is normally hard to come by....
We guarantee to supply all the traffic within 60 days or we will make a no quibble pro rata refund.
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(If you are reading this we have the traffic available - but when all our inventory is sold this offer will be withdrawn)
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We currently have an excess of UK traffic available, which is why we are offering it to Google users.  We will deliver a guaranteed 100,000  world wide web visitors straight to your website.

We will provide you with a statistics page, where you will see the number of UK visitors you receive each day.  And of course the traffic will be included in your own raw site logs.

And the price?  Our usual price for 100,000 UK visitors is only $525.00 - lower than many places on the web.  However, for a limited time only, we will offer Google users the same number of visitors at the reduced price of just £100.00 (approx $175.00 depending on daily exchange rate )

This UK visitor special offer is only available in chunks of 100,000 visitors.

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IMPORTANT!  Websites with popups/popunders /adult xxx content are not allowed. The url must not have sound, break frames, or have a virus.